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Loyal Order of Moose/Women of the Moose
  • Loyal Order of Moose for men, founded in 1888 in Louisville, Kentucky; re-organized in 1906 under the leadership of future U.S. Sen. James J. Davis.

  • Women of the Moose, founded in 1913 as an auxiliary organization, now considered an integral unit of the Order.

  • Nonsectarian and nonpolitical

  • Roughly 2,000 lodges in the United States, Canada, Bermuda and Great Britain, and total membership of nearly 1 million.

  • Women of the Moose membership exceeds 500,000 in more than 1,600 chapters.

  • International headquarters at Mooseheart, Illinois, USA.


  • Founded on July 27, 1913.

  • Established to provide a home for children of members of the Order who have lost one or both parents and other qualified orphaned or dependent children; since 1994, applications welcomed from ANY family in need.

  • Located in the beautiful Fox River Valley, 38 miles west of Chicago.

  • Consists of approximately 1,000 campus-like acres upon which 115 buildings have been constructed.

  • A completely self-contained community known throughout North America as "The Child City."

  • Mooseheart has its own bank, power plant, schools, church, health center, auditorium, Post Office, stadium, recreational buildings.

  • More than 11,000 children have resided at Mooseheart since 1913.

  • Current student population is about 250.

  • Children live with Family Teachers, often husband and wife in individual buildings designed to emulate single-family homes.

  • Mooseheart children are given a complete academic education as accredited by the Illinois Department of Education, from kindergarten through high school;  plus vocational training, and complete religious instruction in whatever faith prevailed in their families before coming to Mooseheart.

  • Mooseheart was one of the pioneers in the field of vocational training at the high school level. Mooseheart High School students today have a variety of trades from which to choose, including individually tailored co-op programs with either campus work functions and area businesses.

  • Mooseheart's magnificent House of God, built in 1950 at a cost of $2 million, is one of the world's finest examples of interdenominational church architecture.

  • A resident Protestant minister, and an attending Catholic priest, provide religious instructions and conduct religious services at Mooseheart; children of other faiths attend services in neighboring communities.

  • Anyone planning to take a trip to Chicago should be encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to visit Mooseheart. Please call first at (630) 859-2000 ext. 3601.


  • Founded in 1922 , known as the "City of Contentment."

  • Established to provide a home for dependent aged Moose men and women and their spouses.

  • Located in Orange Park, Florida, on the St. John's River, 15 miles south of Jacksonville.

  • It is a community comprising several single-story residences, a LifeCare Center, a state-of-the-art assisted-living complex completed in 2002, indoor pool and fitness center, community building, commissary, and shops, and a chapel for all faiths.

  • Residences are designed expressly for the convenience and comfort of seniors. Each residence has its own kitchen and dining room.

  • A Moosehaven resident is offered the opportunity for meaningful work (appropriate to their own physical abilities), and receives an allowance each month.

  • Complete facilities are provided in the Michigan Recreation Building and New York Healthplex to supplement outdoor recreation activities such as fishing, boating, shuffleboard, picnics and trips to nearby sporting and entertainment events as well as points of interest.

  • More than 3,000 aged senior Moose men and women have been admitted to the "City of Contentment."

  • Present population is about 400.

  • Anyone planning a trip to northeast Florida should be encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to visit Moosehaven. Just call (904) 278-1210 first



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