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March/April 2013 Newsletter

posted Mar 7, 2013, 9:22 AM by Samuel Chase   [ updated Mar 7, 2013, 9:23 AM ]
Mar—Apr 2013
Mission Statement
The mission of our Organization is to strive for excellence in four areas:
1. A fraternal program and community service within our Lodge and Chapter system;
2. To provide a family environ-ment and education for chil-dren in need and in residence at Mooseheart, Illinois;
3. To provide for the needs of senior members at Moose-haven, Florida; and
4. To promote membership growth and financially strength-en our fraternity.
Guess what? It’s snowing again! It seems to me that it just hasn’t stopped since Christmas. No disrespect to all you ski-ers, but enough already! Well, the end of the Moose year is fast approaching and we are a little behind on our new mem-ber goal and our retention has seemed to have slipped. Let’s get back to the grindstone and see if we can get some of those members back that may have wandered off. Is there some-thing you all would like to see that we are not currently doing? Please, by all means, drop me a note in the Governor’s box and I will bring it to the next officers meeting. I take all inquir-ies and suggestions very seriously. Each and every one of you is very important to me. Let’s get the push on and retain our status as the best lodge in the Northeast and let’s never forget to always be the friendliest place in town! It’s so easy to do! Just lean over and say hello to someone you’ve never met before!
Please continue to support our weekly Bingo night at the Sea-coast Bingo Hall. It is our lifeblood. This weekly evening, manned by an amazing group of volunteers is how we are able to support all the great causes that we support. I promise you, you will have a lot of fun! Look for the two coupons for $5.00 off a package in this bulletin!
Stephen L. Moynahan, Governor
Message from the Governor

Dover Lodge and Chapter raise $769.50 for the 2013 Rocking Chair Fund—Nice Job!
Don Allen 4-Mar James Phelps 24-Mar Edmond Mayrand 10-Apr
Steve Jumper 4-Mar Samuel Chase 24-Mar James Minot 10-Apr
Dale Daggett 6-Mar Steven Jacques 24-Mar Robert Marshall 10-Apr
Heather Allain 6-Mar Stacie Constas 24-Mar Kim Perry 10-Apr
Debra Hendnckson 6-Mar Joseph Belanger 25-Mar Kathleen Jackson 11-Apr
Daniel Towle 7-Mar Philip Lane 25-Mar Shawn Greene 12-Apr
Leon Meehan 7-Mar Doris Earle 25-Mar April Greene 12-Apr
Mark Ricker 7-Mar Pete Augusta 26-Mar Michael Towle 13-Apr
Selina Bradley 7-Mar Barbara Thomas 26-Mar Pierre Lavoie 13-Apr
Judith Johnson 7-Mar Brian Leahy 27-Mar Bill Flanagan 14-Apr
Joseph Dow 8-Mar Alan Hatch 29-Mar Russell McEntee 14-Apr
Roxanne Burns 8-Mar Andrew Rapchuck 29-Mar Jerry Newcomb 16-Apr
Jason Wall 9-Mar Jeffrey Wood 29-Mar Thomas Bishop Jr. 16-Apr
Patricia Gates 9-Mar John Chesley 29-Mar Arthur Boulanger 18-Apr
Pat Mick 9-Mar Claire Burleigh 30-Mar Stephen Moynahan 18-Apr
Melinda Sanschagrin 9-Mar Kevin Lessard 31-Mar David Pomerleau 19-Apr
Jennifer Newell 10-Mar Marc McLean 31-Mar Robert Saindon 19-Apr
Nicholas Zerbinopoulos 11-Mar Robert Steele 31-Mar Sandra Nevins 19-Apr
Louise Anderson 12-Mar Barbara Betz 31-Mar Richard Cliche 21-Apr
Tracy Sherrill 1 2-Mar Deborah Niles 31-Mar Lambro Constas 22-Apr
Paul Bowen 13-Mar Armand Fournier 1-Apr Alan Richardson 23-Apr
Paula Bonnin 14-Mar Daniel Fortune 1-Apr William Nickerson 24-Apr
Kathy Huppe 14-Mar Irving McGowen 1-Apr Carolyn Casey 24-Apr
Kathie Richardson 14-Mar Charlotte Obrien 1-Apr Kevin Mceneaney 25-Apr
Peter Leavitt 15-Mar James McEwan 2-Apr Charlene Cunningham 25-Apr
Richard Flechtner 15-Mar Benita Cormier 2-Apr Lynn Morelli 25-Apr
Erica Wengrzynek 17-Mar Rena Keays 2-Apr Erika Place 26-Apr
Jeffrey Sewall 19-Mar Robert Files Sr. 3-Apr Carl Lane Jr. 27-Apr
Jo-An Workman 19-Mar Marla Freeman 3-Apr John MacDonald 27-Apr
Jim McKenzie 20-Mar Nancy Laduke 3-Apr Kelly Hubbard 27-Apr
Ned Aycaner 20-Mar Denise Rousselle 4-Apr Jeannette Parcell 27-Apr
Robert Boucher 20-Mar Kenneth Lurvey 5-Apr Amy Urban 27-Apr
Sean Leavitt 20-Mar Toni McBride 5-Apr Gary Guppy 28-Apr
Sandra Hersey 20-Mar Gloria Peters 5-Apr Susan Sewall 28-Apr
Kimberley Simmons 20-Mar Spencer Thompson III 6-Apr Mike Murphy 29-Apr
Sandie York 20-Mar Gaye Dean 6-Apr Barbara Kessler 29-Apr
Gary Palmer 21-Mar Jere Crowley 7 -Apr Dennis Belhumeur 30-Apr
Philip Boodey 22-Mar Karen Davis 7-Apr Roger Miller 30-Apr

John Calabrese 1-Mar Peter Keicty 23-Mar Brian Carroll 8-Apr
John Palmer III 1-Mar Scott Annis 23-Mar Christian Urban 8-Apr
Scott Litzenberger 1-Mar Jessica Glasson 23-Mar David Wallace 8-Apr
William Bailey 1-Mar Joy Schuppert 23-Mar Sandy Lyndes 8-Apr
Norman Krook 3-Mar David Napolitano 24-Mar Claire Clutts 8-Apr
David Curry 4-Mar Frank McLain 24-Mar Carol Rogers 8-Apr
From The Administrator:
A few things have come up that I wanted you all to know.
First thing is we will no longer be accepting checks in the Social Quarters for cash. We have had a
greater influx of bounced checks and this is to protect you as well as us. We will accept checks for
dues and other event payments.
Second thing is that we are trying to go as green as we possibly can. The folks with e-mail addresses
have already seen that they get their newsletters and web blasts at a much more timely
If you have an e-mail address or have changed your address please e-mail it to us at
lodge443@mooseunits.org. This address can also be used for mailing address and phone number
changes too.
The last thing I’d like to mention is that we are still running Bingo at the Seacoast Bingo Hall in
Somersworth. As you all know we do a lot of great things in our community, but we can’t do it
without bingo money. It takes quite a few people to run the games and sell tickets and our volunteers
are dwindling and we are looking for more help. You don’t need to be there every week, but
if you could make it 13 out of each 26 weeks it will help us out and will get you invited to a meal
at a local restaurant. This has always been a good time and you will get to meet a lot of great
Thank You in advance for all the things you will do,
Dolph Toigo, Administrator
Green Cap Night
March 8th, 2013 Meeting at 6:00 p.m. Pot luck Dinner to follow
I will be receiving my Green Cap and would like to
invite all to attend. Men and Woman are welcome,
you must attend meeting to have dinner. If you
would like to eat, we are ask- ing for you to bring a
dish please.
Please contact Sherry Bishop
From the Senior Regent
THINK SPRING! Winter is finally starting to come to a close and I don’t know about you, but I
am ready for warm weather, BBQ, and all sorts of fun events at the lodge.
We have some great breakfast fundraisers coming up, March breakfast will be for the March of
Dimes and April’s breakfast will be for the American Diabetes Association. Come on down and
have a delicious breakfast while supporting these great causes.
As always the continued success of our Chapter and Lodge revolve around introducing new
members to our organization and encouraging ALL our members to attend meetings, learn about
our fraternity, and volunteer their time and most importantly to have fun.
We have a lot of exciting events coming up; please continue to check the information board in the
social quarters to keep up with all the events going on.
Fraternally Yours,
Abby Field
Senior Regent
Dover Moose Lodge 443 and
Chapter 567
With this coupon and your valid Moose
Membership Card
Valid April 22, 2013 Only
Southern Fried Murder
The most recent performance by the Dover
Moose Players resulted in two very busy
nights of just over 80 attendees each night.
We were able to raise $2,061 which will be
split between Moosehaven and the Dover
Children ‘s Home. Thank-you for your most
outstanding support for all the actors, volunteers
and kitchen staff who tirelessly
spent hours getting everything ready!
The Women of the Moose election of
officers will be on March 28th from
5:30-6:30. Please plan on attending.
Heather Allain Nancy Rae Flint
Joe A Alty Jr. Michael Dean
Kris A Bowen Lyle Smith
Mike Burke Patrick McNulty
Dave Couture Joe E Alty
Michael Dodge Lyle Smith
Aimee Hansen Abby Field
David Landry Mike O'Shea
Eric McKenney Wayne Arseneaut
Erika Place Rhonda Dean
Daniel Richer Wayne Arseneaut
Lisa Sisk Debra Ann Galinsky
Erica Wengrzynek Nancy Rae Flint
An Open Letter to They...
I have been a member of this lodge for several
years now and I have heard a lot about you.
Whenever I hear anything about the paper towels
being empty or the toilet paper, I am always
told it is you “They” that does that. Even when
there is an errant paper towel on the floor, or a
piece of popcorn or coaster that has fallen off
the bar, I am always told, “hey – don’t worry
about that - “They” will get it” I’ve also heard
that when the snow needs to be shoveled or a
chair in the social quarters needs to be fixed,
that it is you too! Ole reliable. They. Well, I for
one appreciate you They. And I think it’s high
time you reveal yourself so that we can all thank
you. For you (They) do a lot of things around this
place to make it better and I for one want to
personally thank you for all that you do.
Sincerely—Anonymous - MID # 4231.375
Samuel Chase,
Mar 7, 2013, 9:22 AM