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Jan/Feb 2012 Newsletter

posted Dec 30, 2011, 11:15 AM by Dover Moose   [ updated Dec 30, 2011, 11:15 AM ]
Volume 2 Issue 1
January-February 2012
Mission Statement
The mission of our Organization is to strive for excellence in four areas:
1. A fraternal program and community service within our Lodge and Chapter system;
2. To provide a family environment and education for children in need and in residence at Mooseheart, Illinois;
3. To provide for the needs of senior members at Moosehaven, Florida; and
4. To promote membership growth and financially strengthen our fraternity.
Message from the GovernorMessage from the Governor Message from the Governor Message from the Governor Message from the GovernorMessage from the GovernorMessage from the GovernorMessage from the Governor Message from the GovernorMessage from the GovernorMessage from the Governor Message from the Governor Message from the GovernorMessage from the GovernorMessage from the Governor
It’s hard to believe that 2011 has come and gone already! With the New Year upon us, let’s take a minute to look back at what WE were able to do last year. On a national level, our Lodge earned the gold level premiere Lodge award as well as the Governor’s award of excellence. These awards are given to the Lodge’s that have met or exceeded the criteria set forth by Moose International to be considered a premiere Lodge. On a regional level, we were awarded the regional manager’s award for top lodge and one of our own (Stephen Moynahan) was named Moose of the Year of the entire northeast. And then on the local level we were named the 2011 non-profit business of the year for the City of Dover. We held many various fund-raisers that allowed us to donate over $30,000.00 to local charities and people in need and we saw an increase in total volunteer man-hours worked by our members. I’d have to say that we had an exceptional year, and none of our accomplishments could have happened without the continued hard work, dedication and support given by our amazing members. Thank You all for all you do. Without each of you, none of what we do as a whole would be possible.
I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.
Fraternally yours,
Dan Moynahan
Non-Profit Org'n
U.S. Postage
Dover, NH 03820
Permit No. 521
WOTM 567
God Bless Mooseheart
God Bless Moosehaven
Loyal Order of Moose
Dover Lodge 443
45 Chestnut Street
Dover, NH 03820
Email: lodge443@mooseunits.org
Return Service Requested

P A G E 2
V O L U M E 2 I S S U E 1 P A G E 7
Annual Chili/Chowder
Cook-off Saturday Feb. 18th
Bring your best chili, and/or chowder recipes ready to eat.
Watch the Lodge info center for time and additional details.
$5 entry for tasters. Starts at 6;00 pm
New Moon Band to follow
When I was learning about the moose, I thought, I think I want to try to do this Sr. Regent Job, well I have
found it to be a very fun, lots of hours.
Hello to all,
I know it has been forever sense the last time I wrote, for that I am sorry.
I have been really busy with all kinds of stuff going on
First of all I would like to thank all the people that have been working so hard this year for the good of the
Chapter and the Lodge.
I was so happy to see that we had a Christmas float in the parade this year and to all that helped I Thank
The monthly baskets have been doing so good, so great job girls!!!
Deb N you have a lot of great help, I thank you so much for going Above and Beyond with that. GREAT
We have just gotten done with the Penny Sale and I must say that was a lot of work, I really didn't know
how much really goes into all of that for 5 hours CRAZYNESS.
Jackie I want to say Great Job. to you and all of your co-workers that did so much work to make that
happen Thank You very much to all of you!
So it’s been a great year so far and I cannot believe it is almost over
Please keep up the great work I am so Proud to be Your Sr. Regent,
you all have made my job a lot easier
SR. Regent
Sherry Bishop
A Thank You from Howie
Thank you to all that participated and helped to make last Friday’s Meat Raffle and “Deal or No Deal” a success!
From the
banker “Shrek” and his two sidekicks Rocky and Alan to the 26 friends that I got to call my “Ladies” for the game
show. We had several people attend and help that were not Moose Members and enjoyed the fun for the evening
as guest.
The contestant that played Deal or No Deal made a Deal with the “Banker” for $225, of which he donated $125
back to our cause. We raised approx.. $1,700 with the help of two Meat Raffles, Deal or No Deal and a generous
donation that Tom Bishop presented from his employer of $500.
This money will help several families in 18 different towns in New Hampshire and Maine this Christmas with food
and presents for their children to enjoy opening from under the tree.
We do a lot at the Moose and I am proud of the friends I have made over my short time as a Dover Moose member
as well as the support you all have given to me, with different fund-raisers to help others.
Thank you for helping to make a difference.
Dave Curry
Moose Breakfast Time Change:
Beginning January 8, times for Sunday breakfast will change to 8:00 – 11:00 in an effort to accommodate more

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Volume 2 Issue 1
Not Feeling Well
Riverside: Sunbridge:
Phil Morrissette Claire Otis
Wilfred Legacy
Sherri Buzzell Watson Field
Mary Dumais Joan Workman
Tilton Vet Portmouth Regional Hosipial
Wes Philbrick Chuck Garrity
Welcome Wagon
New Member
New Member
Alan Garland
Dan Moynahan
Gary Allard
Dennis Foley
Ann Godwin
Stephanie Gilpatrick
Gaye Dean
Greer Larsen
Arthur Hendrickson
Adolph Toigo
Greg Glasson
Chad Alden
Bill Lynn
John W Laskey
Jacob King
Hervey Flint Jr.
Carol Frey
Debra Roy
Jason Wall
John D Wall
Claudia Greene
Pamela Towle
John Vandiver
Victor D Lowell
Dan Carroll
Daniel M Hannagan
Kate Riley
Stephanie Gilpatrick
Daniel G Fortune
Adolph Toigo
Marline Higgins
Abby Field
Dawn Belanger
Deborah Nadeau
Michael B Rouleau
Chad Alden
Donna Coraluzzo
Rhonda Dean
Michael T Connors
Jeffrey Harrod
Nick Garand
Thomas Bishop Jr.
Roxanne Burns
Deborah Nadeau
Norman Croteau
John W Laskey
Scot Overall
John D Wall
Peter Bellissimo
Hervey Flint Jr.
Stephen McEwan
James McEwan
Trevor Cherry
Michael Dean
Address Change
Don’t forget to let us know if you change your address. If you know of someone not receiving their dues card or newsletter, chances are that their current address has not been updated in our data base. Keep in touch when you move!
All articles are printed as they are received. They are not edited by the newsletter lady.
Sunday, Jan. 1
New Years Breakfast / Brunch Buffet 9:30 – noon. $5 pp. Social Quarters will be open for Bloody Marys, Mimosas, and Eggnog
Moose Breakfast Time Change:
Beginning January 8, times for Sunday breakfast will change to 8:00 – 11:00 in an effort to accommodate more customers.

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Coming Attractions:
Saturday, January 14
Miss America Pageant Party. Come down to support Miss NH, Dover resident Regan Hartley. Pot luck, Raffle tickets go on sale Jan. 1 for $5, one for each state / contestant. Shall we have our own “Miss Moose” competition? Time TBD (watch you’re TV Guide)
Saturday, Jan. 21
Moose Cribbage Tournament 4:00. $5 to enter, blind draw for partners
Sunday, Jan. 22
District Mtg. in Dover, 1:00. Complimentary meals to follow for those that attend. We lost our attendance crown to Concord last year and are anxious to regain the title – all members are encouraged to come!
Friday, Feb. 3
Family Feud! Join host Richard Dawson for a night of laughs and rivalry with your “family”.
Survey says!
Saturday, Feb. 4
125 Club Winter Bash 1:00. See details in bulletin.
Sunday, Feb. 5
Super Bowl Party Tailgating starts at 5:00. Bring your favorite football dish. Go Pats!
Sunday, Feb. 26
Nascar is back! Daytona Party, time and details TBA.
Dover Moose Lodge 443 125 Club Winter Bash 2012 continue
Prefer not to dress? No worries simply wear what you like and enjoy the costumes of those around you!
Contact: Chad & Amy Alden, see us at the Lodge, drop a note in the 125 collection box at the info center, or email aturchinetz@comcast.net Entertainment: DJ Jim Wood will be twisting up tunes that everyone is sure to love! Extras: Cash/Merchandise Prizes for best costumes (1st, 2nd, & 3rd), Free rides awarded to three winners for best side dish, 50/50 Raffle, and many other amazing raffles! DETAILS We will be serving a main dish of baked ham or chicken, please sign up for your choice at the info center at the lodge or feel free to email me (Amy, contact above) with your selection and I will be happy to mark your selections for you. It is important that we understand everyone’s preference in order to make sure we have enough of what everyone likes! If you plan to send your information for me to mark down for you please send me your 125 number(s) and the quantity of each meal selection per 125 number that you will be bring guests on. SIDE-DISHES & DESERTS We will be awarding three free rides into next seasons 125 Club for the side-dish and/or deserts that receive the highest votes. Please sign-up at the lodge at the info center if you wish to take part! The sign-up sheet will be used to confirm and run the voting as well as to determine how much food the contest will generate (so we can determine how much more or less we will need to provide). We will need your 125 number, name, and the dish you will be entering. If you cannot make it down to the lodge to sign-up, please feel free to email me and I will add you to the list! RAFFLES & VOLUNTEERS The 125 Club will be providing prizes and raffle items but relies on its member’s generous contributions and donations to bridge the gap! We are asking for your help to provide gifts, merchandise, gift certificates, etc-WE NEED & APPRECIATE YOUR HELP! There is a sign-up sheet at the info center down at the lodge for members to sign-up for raffle donations and volunteer donations to help with such things as set-up, clean-up, serving, running raffles, etc. Please sign up or contact me if you would like me to add your name and donation (raffle/volunteer). OTHER It is likely that questions and feedback will come up between now and February 4th; please do not hesitate to communicate with Chad or me if you see us down at the lodge or to send an email over, we are happy to answer any and all questions and welcome your feedback and suggestions!
Dover Moose Lodge 443 125 Club Winter Bash 2012 When: February 4th 2012 from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM Where: Moose Lodge 443 (Function Hall), 45 Chestnut St., Dover, NH 03820-3328
Theme: Anything goes RETRO! What does that mean?? Anything goes RETRO means that you pick the era from 1990 to as far back as you wish to go! 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, etc; EVERY era is welcome! Have an old get-up in the back of the closet you’ve been hoping to use again? This is the day to drag it out and put it on!