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September/October 2013 Newsletter

posted Aug 28, 2013, 4:02 AM by Samuel Chase
Well summer is coming to an end, and the kids will be back in school by the time you read this. I hope everybody enjoyed their time with family and friends, I know I did. One of my biggest events I was involved in was the 2013 New England Regional Baseball Tourna-ment with Dover Baseball. We had a dozen Moose members volunteer their time to this event, Thank you. This type of community involvement goes a long way towards our Premier Lodge Award. One of Moose Internationals tenets is to be the heart of the com-munity. Which brings to me to a question, do you my Moose brothers and sisters know of an event that we can rally our Moose troops to get involved in. If you do please let me know.
I am sure by now you have seen the flurry of activity on the patio project; tree removal, excavating. This is an exciting transformation of our Lodge. The plan going forward is to at least be able to use the patio sometime this fall. It may not have all of the encoutrem-onts yet but, we will be able to enjoy it. With this being said we will be having monthly meetings to keep everybody up to date on the progress. This meeting will be the second Monday of the month @730 look for the reminder in the calendar. This would be a good time to ask questions of the committee. Big thanks to the committee on moving this pro-ject forward.
One of the steps for the patio is the fence. Do you want to help? Do you want to have a share? Do you want to be remembered as one of the members who made this possible? Then look for the plan in this newsletter, it will explain how you can help.
Thank you to all of the members who make a difference everyday at our Lodge, whether its working Bingo, changing the paper towels in the restrooms, or making potential new members/visiting guests welcome. We all make a difference, thank you.
Fraternally yours,
Mike Dean , Governor

As you may be aware, the patio project is in full swing. Now we have an exciting
opportunity for you to participate. We are looking for donations toward
the Patio Fence.
If you donate to this project we will erect a plaque commemorating your donation
as follows.
Donation Levels
Gold Medal - $100 or more
Silver Medal - $50 to $99
Bronze Medal - $25 to $49
Honorable Mention - Any Donation
See any Bartender or Officer to make your donation.
From The Administrator,
We have noticed that we are signing
a lot of new members every year,
but we are losing as many if not
more. We believe it could be because
we have stopped the tradition
of having the class enrollment when
bringing in new members.
Not performing the enrollment the
new members aren’t finding out
what we are all about, so we are
looking for a few good men, whom
can memorize a part of the ritual
and practice with us to do the ritual
properly. If you have any interest in
this please sign up in the information
center at the lodge or feel
free to contact me by e-mail at elephant1058@
aol.com or
Thank You,
Dolph Toigo
Mission Statement
The mission of our Organization is to
strive for excellence in four areas:
1. A fraternal program and community
service within our Lodge and Chapter
2. To provide a family environment
and education for children in need
and in residence at Mooseheart,
3. To provide for the needs of senior
members at Moosehaven, Florida;
4. To promote membership growth
and financially strengthen our fraternity.
Joined ! Sponsored by
Boucher, David Moynahan, Steve
Coughlin, Dan Joiner, Mark
Dean, Ryan Dean, Michael
Hoyt, Alex Perry, Timothy G
Jancosko, James Maxfield, Ronald
Jobman, Tregg D'Andrea, Rocky
Nossiff, Alex D'Andrea, Rocky
Smith, Joseph O'Shea, Mike
From the Senior Regent
The summer flew right past. Just the other
morning, I went outside and the air had that
Fall smell to it. Now while I feel summer flew
by, I am excited for the Fall season. It’s my
favorite time of the year, the kids go back to
School (Yeah!), the leaves start to change
colors; the air starts to get cooler. With that
said are you interested in a WOTM sweatshirt?
We are looking to purchase. Let me
We are looking for some new/exciting fundraising
opportunity or activity for the Lodge/
Chapter to get involved in? If you have an
idea please come to a meeting, we are excited
to here from you. We meet every 1st and
3rd Thursday of the month.
The officers of the Chapter are calling all the
Women to rally with us. We have been challenged
by the Lodge Officers to a friendly
competition. What kind you ask? Who can
raise the most money towards the Patio
fence? I know with your help we can win,
and make the men do a silly skit. So come on
ladies we can do it.
Rhonda Dean, Senior Regent

Moose Legion Members
Remember there are certain benefits to
being a Moose Legionnaire, if you don’t
remember what they are come down to a
meeting and refresh your memory. The
meetings are held on the second Thursday
of every month following the lodge
meeting. The Moose Legion dinner will no
longer be held on that day, but will be
held on the third Saturday of each month
unless otherwise specified (Check the calendar!).
A lot of information
is discussed
at these
meetings so come on
down and be informed.
Respectfully Garrison
Legion President Skip Flint

Why Do We Ask You To Show Your Mem-bership Card?
Because doing so maintains our rights as a private organiza-tion - and can, quite literally, save
your Lodge (and you) from financial ruin.
I have walked into several hundred Moose Lodges during my years as a member - and every time, I have been proud to reach into my wallet as I entered, to fulfill the re-quirement of displaying my Moose membership card. I have always thought of this small-plasticized card as saying several things about me - and about any other man or woman who carries one: It says that the holder is a fraternalist, a friendly person who enjoys the company of others – and who stands ready to help a fellow human being in need whenever he or she can. It says that the holder is someone who holds a special place in his or her heart for children. Through his or her Moose membership, he is doing something real and tangi-ble to provide hope and a better life for youngsters in need, at Mooseheart Child City and School in Illinois. And, it says that the holder is ensuring - even if he or she (and his or her spouse) reaches retirement age without adequate savings - that together they will enjoy a se-cure, dignified retirement without being a burden to either family or society, through the availability of Moosehaven in Florida.
But, even though showing a Moose membership cards says all those positive things about a person, I know very well that the fraternity’s requirement that a membership card be shown every time a member enters a Lodge, or makes a purchase, has for years been a big point of irritation among thousands of Moose men and women across North America. "Fifteen years I’ve been a member here; why in the world
should I have to show my card every time I walk in the door?"
Let me pose a couple of questions in return: For those of you who play golf, say you’ve received a very nice present - three years’ membership at the exclusive golf club where your doctor plays every Wednes-day. When you walk into the clubhouse with a guest and are asked to show your card, do you roll your eyes and groan? - or do you relish the chance to pull that card from your wallet? Many of our members who travel are also members of (AAA) or (AARP) - both of which have programs enabling their members to enjoy reduced rates in roadside hotels nationwide. But when you check in, to receive that lower rate, you have to show your AAA or AARP card. Does this irate you?
Thank-you for helping out and showing your card every time you walk through that day, It is much appreciated!
Excerpt taken from the Moose International Webpage
Samuel Chase,
Aug 28, 2013, 4:02 AM