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Newsletter November/December 2011

posted Oct 24, 2011, 2:16 PM by Dover Moose   [ updated Oct 24, 2011, 2:16 PM by Samuel Chase ]
Volume 1 Issue 5
November-December 2011

Mission Statement
The mission of our Organization is to strive for excellence in four areas:
1. A fraternal program and community service within our Lodge and Chapter system;
2. To provide a family environment and education for children in need and in residence at Mooseheart, Illinois;
3. To provide for the needs of senior members at Moosehaven, Florida; and
4. To promote membership growth and financially strengthen our fraternity.

Message from the Governor
As the fall leaves begin their annual changing of colors, I‟m struck by the message that Mother Nature gives us every season. Four times a year she reminds us that change is not only inevitable, but also necessary. Some folks don‟t care for the differing seasons holding out hope that summer or fall would stay with us year round. Yet Mother Nature knows that without a snowy winter spring plants would not receive their much-needed rainfall. Without hot summer sun, the plants would not have the light they need to grow and without the falling of the leaves there would be no compost to help feed the plants. Mother Nature knows all too well that without change there is no life. And without life, the landscape becomes an empty canvass, void of colors, a lifeless gray pallor as far as the eye can see. The same can be said of any organization. Change is seen as the enemy, progress dismissed out of fear. But as Mother Nature has shown us, change not only happens, it is the one true constant, and without it, tomorrow, next week, next year become simply a dream.
As Moose members, we need to embrace Mother Nature‟s lessons. We do amazing things for our Lodge, our members, our community and our organization at large. Yet every one of us has both the ability and the opportunity to affect change. Not because we‟re doing anything wrong, but because we want to do more right. Attending meetings and letting your ideas flow, helping with fundraisers, taking a moment out of our day to help a fellow member in need. Change can be something that you may consider insignificant but it is change nonetheless. Knowing that today is here but for a fleeting moment and that if we don‟t change tomorrow will pass us by, will not only make us all better Lodge members, neighbors and friends, but will insure the future of our fraternity for many years to come.
Fraternally Yours
Dan Moynahan, Governor

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Fellowship Committee
The Fellowship Committee will meet on Sunday, Nov. 13, at 10:30. This is an important meeting for all fellows as we‟ll be discussing candidates for the 2012 class as well as a Fellowship sponsored celebration to be planned for the near future. Show up early, show your „F‟ on your Moose card and eat breakfast for free if you attend the meeting.
Moose Legion
Our Lodge will host a mini Moose Celebration / New member enrollment on Sat., Nov.12, beginning at noon. All Moose Legionnaires are encouraged to attend. Lunch will be served directly after the enrollment, no charge to attendees. Not a member of the Moose Legion yet? Ask a member about qualifications and benefits. Better yet, come to the Celebration on the 12th or to our monthly meeting on Thursday, Nov. 10, at 7:30 to see what we‟re all about.
Welcome to the Moose!
New Member
  • Peter Bellissimo
  • Hervey Flint Jr.
  • John Castro
  • Jeffrey Harrod
  • Mark Christian
  • James J Wood III
  • Matthew Cobb
  • Jeffrey Harrod
  • Dale A Daggett
  • Jeffrey Harrod
  • George R Day
  • Ronald Maxfield
  • Erika Dore
  • Debra Ann Galinsky
  • Geoff Goss
  • Jeffrey Harrod
  • Kayla Grammer
  • Sherry Bishop
  • Jennie Hindmarch
  • Jean Harrod
  • Melanie Joyce
  • Estelle Plummer
  • Thomas E Joyce
  • Ronald Maxfield
  • Paul F Keefe
  • Richard E Keefe
  • Raymond J Keefe
  • Richard E Keefe
  • Peter Keicty
  • Dan Moynahan
  • Robert Lipinski
  • Steven M Constas
  • John MacDonald
  • Robert C Boucher
  • John Perry
  • Jeffrey Harrod
  • Frank Radack
  • Rocky D'Andrea
  • James Rousseau
  • Hervey Flint Jr.
  • David B Thomas Jr.
  • Dan Moynahan
  • Jason Wall
  • John D Wall
  • Tasha Wojtysiak
  • Sherry Bishop

Children’s Christmas Party
The annual children‟s Christmas party will be held on Sunday, Dec. 17, from noon until 2:00. As in the past, we‟ll serve pizza, play games, and each child aged 1 – 12 will receive a gift from Santa. Sign up is required, and please note the name, age and sex of your child, along with any preferences for gifts. Last year, the kids had a battle with the Christmas burglar – what will happen this year?!
2011 NASCAR End of Year Party
On November 20, 2011 we will be having the end of the year NASCAR Party. Race begins at 3:00, food will be served at 4:00. This party is free of charge to NASCAR members and there will be a nominal fee for guests. Come on down and see who ends up being the “Biggest Loser” and enjoy the fun!
2011 City of Dover Festival of Trees
Please come down to City Hall on Friday, December 2, 2011 and vote for your Lodges Christmas Tree entry for the second annual event! There will be a silent auction for all the trees during the event and voting for the best tree! We know we had the best tree last year, but didn‟t win!. We need more votes this year! This event is sponsored by Dover Main Street and the Chamber of Commerce to raise funds to light downtown Dover for the holiday season.

This event immediately follows the lighting of the tree in the lower square, at Henry Law and Central Avenues. Come on down and see Santa Claus!

3rd Annual Thanksgiving Dinner
We will be serving Thanksgiving Dinner this year from 1:00 pm to 4:00pm on Thanksgiving Day, November, 24, 2011 at the lodge.
All Moose members, friends, family members and our local Seniors are invited to join us.
If you plan to have dinner or know someone who would like to come for dinner , please make sure you sign up at the lodge. We need an accurate count of who is coming to make sure we have enough food!
If anyone would like to help by shopping, serving, cleaning, picking up people who need rides, etc; please let us know by signing up at the lodge.
Stephen Moynahan and Mike Dean, Co-Chairs

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Volume 1 Issue 5
Not Feeling Well
Riverside: Sunbridge:
Watson Field: Home
Lorraine Legacy
Hector Pontbriand
Caren Peloso
Rita Roy
Dawn Thornton
Marion Belhumeur
Yankee Swap
Don‟t forget our annual Yankee swap on Friday, Dec. 16. Jimmy Wood will be officiating, drawing at 9:05. Bring a wrapped gift, spend less than $10, and have a ball.
New Year’s Day
On a sobering note, we‟ll be cooking and serving your breakfast brunch buffet on New Year‟s Day, from 9:30 – noon. Still only $5, and Bloody Marys, Mimosas, and Eggnog will be available in the lounge for the resilient and adventurous.
Dover Residents!
Don't forget to vote on Tuesday, November 8, in our local elections. You may just see a name on the ballot that is very familiar to you. Just Vote!
Penny Sale
Penny sale is on
Date: December 10th
Time: 1-5pm
Address Change
Don‟t forget to let us know if you change your address. If you know of someone not receiving their dues card or newsletter, chances are that their current address has not been updated in our data base. Keep in touch when you move!