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Dover Moose 443 & 557 May/June 2011 Newsletter

posted May 30, 2011, 8:13 AM by Dover Moose   [ updated May 30, 2011, 8:19 AM by Samuel Chase ]

As the Moose year comes to a close I think its time to reflect on all we have accomplished in the past twelve months. Our second annual touch a truck event was once again a huge success. We held our first annual motorcycle poker run to rave reviews. Our two murder mysteries filled the hall to capacity. We sponsored youth baseball, hockey, basketball and cheerleading teams and banquets as well as hosting the Heyliger awards for the second year. We donated over $30,000.00 to more then 25 different organizations and charities. We have seen a continued increase in membership. And we were chosen as the Non-Profit Business of the year for the City of Dover. A pretty good year in anyone’s book. With all of our various events and fundraisers, there has been one common and very important thread, and that is the continued hard work and dedication shown by our members. To me, the true measure of a successful organization like ours isn’t the amount of money raised but rather the number of members who give their time and talent whenever asked. That truly

is where our Lodge excels.

Message from the Governor

Mission Statement

The mission of our Organization is to strive for excellence in four areas:

1. A fraternal program and community service within our Lodge and Chapter system;

2. To provide a family environment and education for children in need and in residence at Mooseheart, Illinois;

3. To provide for the needs of senior members at Moosehaven, Florida; and

4. To promote membership growth and financially strengthen our fraternity.

Volumn 1 Issue 2

May-June 2011

There is no better way to help the youth of our fraternity than to offer them the opportunity to further their education, and that is exactly what the R. Robert Dale Scholarship is all about.

Applicants must be:

a member of the High School Graduating Class of 2012 (in the Junior Class during the 2010-2011 school year)

have a father, mother, step-parent, grandparent or legal guardian who is a member of the Moose in good standing

●have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 (C+) or higher on a 4.0 scale

Applications must be returned to Moose International no later than June 30, 2011. All qualified applicants will be placed in a random drawing to be held in the fall of 2011 at their Moose Association Annual Convention or at Moose International. Winners will be notified by mail. The scholarship check for $1,000.00 will be mailed directly to the college of their choice.

Questions on R. Robert Dale scholarship Program can be addressed to Valerie Korstick at vkorstick@mooseintl.org or by calling 630.966.2214.

Applications are available at the Lodge.


Weekly E-Mail Updates

Work has begun on a weekly email update/blast. We will be sending out a weekly email loaded with information of upcoming events and news from our Lodge, District, Northeast and National.

If you are interested in receiving these emails, you can either send an email to LOOM443@gmail.com or sign up at the Lodge.

Don’t be left out!

Sign up today!

R. Robert Dale Scholarship Program Applications for Students from Moose Households In the High School Class of 2012
Welcome Wagon
Baker, Larry
Moynahan, Stephen L
Harvey, Robert
Curry, David
Panneton, Joshua
Howe, William
Belanger, Joseph P
Moynahan, Stephen L
Howard, Andrew P
Stackpole, Raymond
Peek, Gordon
Sarson, Steven
Bennett, Richard III
Ranson, Dennis
Jacques, Patricia
Field, Abby
Phinney, Linda
McGee, Anne
Bentham, Bruce K
Nadeau, Donald F
Jones, Nathan
Howe, William
Pierce, Jeff
Pierce, David
Bernier, Joe
Barrett, Charles F II
Jumper, Scott A
Bailey, Charles
Plotkin, Cathy
Field, Abby
Booth, Cheri
Hussey, Tammy Lynn
Keays, Richard
Keays, James F
Pratt, David A
Stackpole, Raymond
Buttrick, Traci
Davis, Judith
Keefe, Richard E
Catalfo, Fred
Ranson, Travis
Ranson, Dennis
Cannon, Bob
Sarson, Steven
Keefe, Verna
Love, Betty J
Reed, Jason
Wall, John D
Catalfo, Chris
Catalfo, Fred
Kennedy, Vicki
Turchinetz, Amy
Rocheleau, Rick
Towle, Jim
Cummings, Barbara
Gilpatrick, Stephanie
Lefebvre, Charles
Toigo, Adolph
Ruest, Brandon
Raymond, Matthew
Daly, Marillyn
Love, Betty J
Lowell, Victor D
Barrett, Charles F II
Shahenian, Caroline
Galinsky, Debra Ann
Demers, Wayne
Laskey, John W
MacKey, Sidney N
Maxfield, Ronald
Skorupka, Patricia
Hussey, Tammy Lynn
Evans, Sally
Dean, Rhonda
McKenney, Pete
Towle, Jim
Smagula, Gary P
Laskey, John W
Evans, Scott
D'Andrea, Rocky
McKenzie, Randy
Greene, Dennis E
Spates, Brian
Knight, Kenneth J
Fisher, Robert
Laskey, John W
Morgan, Michele
Flint, Nancy Rae
Speidel, Mark
Towle, Jim
Froehling, John
Greene, Dennis E
Newcomb, Jerry
Towle, Jonathan P
Spiridondes, Stephen G
Chase, Ronald L Sr.
Gates, Patricia
Galinsky, Debra Ann
Newcomb, Kayla
Turchinetz, Amy
Wainright, Katie
Brown, Theresa
Gouzie, Chris
Howe, William
Newcomb, Scott
Alden, Chad
Way, Elaine
Ruel Toigo, Diane
Guppy, Gary
LaRochelle, Marc
Noyes, Vicki
Towle, Pamela
Weber Farley, Deborah
Love, Betty J
Harvey, Lisa
Ryan, Jennifer
Olsen, Lawrence
McLean, Marc
Willer, Susan
Brown, Theresa
Zetterstrom, Cliff
Nadeau, Donald F

Annual Yard Sale

Our annual yard sale will be held on June 11 beginning at 9 AM. We depend on our members to donate their unneeded items for local charities. This year’s beneficiary will be the Seacoast NH Habitat for Humanity Re-Store located on Fourth Street. (Google it) We will begin accepting donations on Sunday, June 5. See Ken Wolfe or Bob Marshall for details.

Moose News


Volumn 1

Issue 2


Check us out on Facebook. We now have a new Facebook page

Moose Lodge 443-Dover, NH.

Check it out as we will be updating often!


125 Club

As most of you may have heard, I am stepping down from the chairmanship of the 125 club. I would like to take a moment to thank all the 125 members who have supported me over the last couple of years and I would like to add special thanks to my wife Sherry Bishop, Debra Galinsky, Tammy Hussey, Kelly Hubbard and Jim Towle for all they have done to make my job much easier. The 125 party will be held at the Dover Elks on July 9

th from Noon to 6:00 PM. Once again karaoke with Jim Wood will be our entertainment and we will be holding contests in horseshoes, basketball and closest to the pin golf games and many other fun events. We will also be holding our first salad and dessert contest. More information will be available at the Lodge.

Finally, I would like to welcome our new 125 Chairman Chad Alden and his wife Amy. They both have been members for a couple of years and I feel they have a bunch of great ideas to keep the 125-club fun. Please come on down and take a minute to meet Chad and Amy. The next 125 club will begin on August 4


Once again thank you for all of your support. It has been fun.

Tom Bishop

125 Chairman

Women of The Moose

Newly Elected Officers

Senior Regent—Sherry Bishop

Junior Regent—Tammy Hussey

Chaplain—Jamie Brunelle

Secretary/Treasurer—Nancy Flint

Recorder—Abby Field

Father’s Day Breakfast

The Women of the Moose Will be having a Father’s Day Breakfast on June 19th from 7:30 to 10:30 am.

All proceeds will go to the LeRoy W. Niles Memorial fund. The goal of the fund is to assist families who are suffering financial hardship while their loved one is hospitalized.

Come on down and see what specials we will be having and help support a great cause.

As incoming Sr.Regent

I would like to say Thank You to all the girls , Rhonda Dean, Abby Field, Nancy Flint, Tammy Hussey Jacqueline Wood, Diane Rual. for all the work they put in to last year. Great Job and well done. I am very proud of all of you. I have to say that is why I am giving this another try! I hope we can all have a great time and a great year to do lots of great work, I for one cannot wait to get things going, and helping out others, with that I would like all of you to know that we always need helpers in all that we do so please don’t be shy come and talk to me and we will find something for you to do. I would like to welcome all the new officers in to office and all

the chairmen as well. So let's have a great year see you all soon.

Sr.Regent Sherry Bishop

Women’s Donations

Moose Charities-Katherine Smith Center

Mooseheart Boys Athletic Program

 Mooseheart Photography

 CHaD

Fishing Trip

The fishing trip has been booked for Saturday the 23th of July. The Cost will be $50.00 p/p. Each angler will be responsible for their own rod, reel and gratuities.. Rods and reels are available for a small fee. Bailt and lunch will be provided. Beer is for sale on the boat. We cannot bring our own. We are going to run some raffles for the trip. 25 numbers at $2.00 each. We will run as many as we can get in.

Any questions?

See Tom Bishop or Skip Flint.

Let’s go fishing and have some fun.

Dead Air

The Dover Moose Players have done it again!

The fourth go round of our murder mystery dinner theater treated crowds to another fun filled evening. Friday and Saturday nights our hall was once again alive with the sound of laughter as our local thespians kept them entertained. Over 260 people came out to enjoy our shows and we were able to raise over $4800.00 for Moose Charities and Amy's Treat. Special Thanks go out to Deb Niles, Jerry Hansen, Nicky Wolfe, Mel Furlong, Sherry Bishop, Stephen Moynahan, Rocky Dandrea, Don Johnson, Bob Boucher, Katie Boucher, Skip Flint, Matt Raymond, Kate Jackson, Mike Dean, Rhonda Dean, Kevin Carr, Barb Moynahan, Sean Moynahan, Stef Gilpatrick, T Brown, Ray Stackpole, Smokey Nadeau, Rodney Norton, Abby Field, Jim Towle, Tom Bishop, Jamie Brunelle, Rich Ashford, Dan Moynahan and Ken Wolfe

Social Quarters Corner

Please remember, we are a private organization and only members in good standing and their qualified guests are entitled to visit our Social Quarters.

When the bartenders ask you for your card they are simply doing their job. If you don't have a valid membership card on your person, you cannot be allowed into the Social Quarters.

These rules are set forth by Moose International and the state and failure on our part to follow them could result in the loss of our liquor license. Thank You.

2011-2012 Moose CSI (Create Some Interest) Membership Campaign

The details of the 2011-12 Membership Campaign have just been released.

Sponsor 2 members by April 30, 2012, receive free dues for next year and earn a Moose CSI Spy Pen Radio.

Sponsor 4 members by April 30, 2012, qualify for a chance to win a trip for two to Las Vegas, New York City or Miami.

Sponsor 5 members and receive 5 club wallet card, invitation to the 5 club dinner at the Northeast convention, window decal, free meat bingo coupon with complimentary beverage at the lodge, plus a deluxe paring knife and vegetable peeler kit.

Sponsor 25 members and receive a Mooseheart Centennial wristwatch by Skagen, free meat bingo coupon with beverage, free membership in 125 club, free breakfast and dinner coupons,

Not Feeling Well

Riverside: Sunbridge: Watson Field:

Phil Morrisette Claire Otis Joan Workman

Wilfred Legacy

Mary Dumais

Tilton Vet: Edgewood Center:

Lorraine Legacy Wes Philbrick Terry Casey

Sherri Buzzell

Recovering at home:

Mark (Gypsy) Ricker Rick Lanciano

Tom & Sherry Bishop, Debra Galinsky and Tammy Hussey for their hard work and dedication to the 125 club

Matt "Razor" Raymond, Kate Jackson, Mike Dean,Dean, Skip Flint and Kevin Carr for their culinary expertise feeding over 500 people at our play,Boys Basketball Banquet, Heyliger Awards and the Joint Installation

Toentire group that works bingo every Tuesday night. Without you we would not be able to do everything we do.

Joan Wolfe for her amazing job on our newsletter.

Gigi Larsen, John Laskey and Stephanie Gilpatrick for the Red Sox home opener party.

Stephen Moynahan the wheels turning on the pool

Rodney Norton for single handedly re-painting the hall.

Ron Maxfield for keeping the pull tickets machines full and operational.

Steve Jacques for weekly recycling runs.

Dennis Greene, Smoky Nadeau, Kelly Hubbard, Jim Towle and Stephen Moynahan for your work on meat raffles.

Sam Chase for keeping our web site looking great

Jim Towle for your tireless work behind the scenes, your dedication is the glue that holds us together.

Thank You to the following People