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Dover Lodge 443: Chapter 567 July / August 2010 Newsletter

posted Jul 9, 2010, 6:09 AM by Samuel Chase   [ updated Jul 9, 2010, 6:14 AM ]


I just wanted to play darts. It’s true. The initial reason for my joining the Moose was very selfish. My team and I thought we had found nirvana, cheap beverages and good dartboards, what could be better? But a funny thing happened on the way to the boards. My team and I started to realize that there was much much more going on at this little place on Chestnut street then we had ever realized. We were introduced to many different members and found that this Lodge had some of the friendliest people around. We learned about Mooseheart and Moosehaven as well as all the charity work that our Lodge does on a local level and became intrigued. Then we were asked to volunteer at a Lodge event and we realized that with everything the Moose has to offer, it offered us a chance to make a difference in someone’s life. What does this have to do with my first message as Governor? Simply this. It does not matter why you became a member of this great fraternity, what matters is that you can and do make a difference in a child or seniors life every time you become involved.


                We have a ton of great stuff coming up over the next couple of months. A deep sea fishing trip, the Academy of Friendship night, a poker run, Friday night meat raffles and dinners as well as breakfast every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month and bingo every Tuesday night and we will be putting together plans for our 70th anniversary. Every event we run can always use any and all extra help. If you’ve got some spare time, let us know, we’ll never turn down the help, from planning to set up to cooking and cleanup and everything in between. If you’ve got an event you’d like to see happen, bring it to a meeting, we’re always looking for fun new ideas to incorporate.  So come on down, get involved, together we CAN make a difference!


Fraternally Yours,


Dan Moynahan



Lodge Clean Up Day


WOW!!!   What a turnout for the Lodge Cleanup Day on May 1st An amazing amount of work was accomplished in a few short hours by this great group of volunteers.  As the Moose fraternal adage goes, “A burden heavy by one

Lodge Clean Up Day-continued


is borne lightly by many”.  We want to note that our youngest volunteer was 8 years old and the oldest volunteer was 82 years young!!


Thank you!!!


Tom Bishop                                             Sherry Bishop

Bob Boucher                                           Mike Dean

Rhonda Dean                                          Aaron Dean

Abby Field                                               Debra Galinsky

Chuck Garrity                                          Eric Greer

Jeannie Herrod                                       Donny Johnson

B. J. Love                                                Bob Marshall

Maureen Marshall                                   Wally Roy

Dolph Toigo                                             Jim Towle

Nicky Wolfe                                              Ken Wolfe


The Welcome Wagon!


Since our last newsletter, we have had 18 new members join our ranks, 9 men and 9 women. If you see any of these folks around the Lodge, stop and say hello! We would like to welcome our new members and thank their sponsors!


  New Member                                          Sponsor

Lawrence Clifford                                     Donnie Johnson

Lars Collin                                               Donnie Johnson

David Hart                                               Patrick Chapman

Jim Joyal                                                  Ken Wolfe

James Keays                                           Jim Towle

Kenneth Knight                                        Kevin Carr

Thomas Larsen                                       Ryan Rouillard

Justin Melanson                                       Mike Dean

Micah Ruel                                              Marc McLean

Jana Curti                                                Abby Field

Catherine Fletchner                                 B. J. Love

Kathy Huppe                                           Deb Galinsky

Emily Madden                                          Rhonda Dean

Deborah Niles                                         Nancy Flint

Jamie Pendexter                                      Sheri Pendexter

Jessica Pendexter                                   Sherry Bishop

Marybeth Sacharczyk                              Rhonda Dean

Karen Staples                                          Debra Roy





Congratulations to our newest officer!


Ron Maxfield was elected to fill the vacant 1-year Trustee spot at a special election held on June 10. Over 35

members were present to cast their ballots in a very tight 3-way contest between Ron, Kevin Carr and Marc McLean.


Special Thanks!


Thank you Arthur McGlone and Earl Chick for being co-chairs of the nominating committee and overseeing not one, but two elections this year.


Thank you Pam Towle for preparing the breakfast potatoes and washing the tablecloths and kitchen towels at a moments notice.


Thank you Kelly Hubbard for her work on the various fund raising baskets.


Thank you Mike Dean for taking the mowing duties and (literally) running with them.


Thank you Wally Roy and Ken Wolfe for getting the ladies room back in operation.


Thank you to the breakfast crews, 3 breakfasts in 3 weeks!


Thank you Pam Towle and Dennis Greene for installing the new bench and sitting area near the front door.


Thank you Bob Marshall for everything you have done for our Lodge these past few years, and Thanks his wife Maureen for her tolerance.


50-Year Member!


Congratulations to George Kageleiry, who just celebrated his 50th anniversary as a member of the Moose.


Our own Shining Star!


Congratulations to our own Mike Dean. Mike was chosen as the Rookie of the Year for the entire Northeast and has been selected as one of five Shining Stars by Moose International! A ceremony will be held at the national convention in Nashville in July to recognize these five people and to announce the top Shining Star.

Uncle Moose needs you!


We have a couple of large events coming up that we need    help with. There will be a poker run to benefit the Dover  Children’s Home and our own kid’s sports scholarship on August 28. We’re gonna need all hands on deck. If you are interested in helping out, see Dave Curry or Marc McLean. Our 70th anniversary is right around the corner. We are looking for volunteers to help organize and plan this tribute to those who came before us to make Dover the great Lodge that it is. If you would like to be a part of this committee, see Jim Towle or Dan Moynahan.


Friday night Little Legion dinners


The Friday night dinners are still going strong. Every Friday at 6:00, come on down and put your feedbag on. There is a different cook and different menu every week and the cost is only $4.00. All proceeds benefit our Little Legion. Wanna take a turn at the grill? It’s as easy as talking to Mike Dean or Jim Towle.


News From District 3


The final meeting of District 3 for the year will be held at the Dover Lodge on Sunday July 18, 2010.  Meeting begins promptly at 1:00 pm.  (District Officers, Governors and Administrators meet at 12:45).  There will be a meal served after the meeting for all who attend the meeting.  Elections will be held for the District at this meeting, all members are encouraged to attend.  Bring your quarters; you never know what the President will fine you for!  District Meeting is a great time to meet people from the other area lodges to have fun and share idea.  Come on down!




Stephen L. Moynahan

President, District 3


Want to help the children out at Mooseheart


By using the following website “http://www.goodsearch.com “and selecting “Mooseheart Child City and School” under the heading: ”WHO DO YOU GOODSEARCH FOR” you will be helping  them out.  Each time you search the Internet or shop online at

one of our participating stores, a donation will be made to Mooseheart - Child City and School at no cost to you!


Yard Sale


The yard sale held May 15th was a huge success.  Thanks to the combined efforts of Bob Marshall, Arthur McGlone and Ken Wolfe, the Lodge was able to present the Cocheco Valley Humane Society with a check for $1443.00.  Thanks to everyone who donated items, those who shopped for new found treasures and to BJ Love who helped out on the floor the day of the sale.


Cribbage Players


The Monday night cribbage players ended their season on April 26th.  Because of some bad luck for a few of the players, who will remain nameless, the kids coming to New England this year from Mooseheart will benefit.  $126.00 in “skunk” money collected will go to help bring the kids here.  Thanks to all of the Monday night cribbage players.  We will start up again around Labor Day.


Upcoming Event


  • July 28th  Fishing Trip
    • All day 8-5
    • State Pier – Hampton
    • $75.00 parking will be extra
    • Rods, Reels, Bait and Lunch will be included

More information is available at the lodge or speak with Tom Bishop or Skip Flint





Pilgrim Presentation


Coming up soon are two Pilgrim Presentations

  • August 29th for Ray Favreau
    • Bennington VT Lodge
  • October 10th for John Wiggins
    • Newport NH Lodge


This is a great accomplishment for both gentlemen.  There are only 3000 members of the Pilgrim degree at any given time. 

Please if you see them or happen to receive an email or any other correspondence from them please applaud them in any way you can.





There are 3 raffles currently going on at the lodge.

You may obtain tickets for them at the bar.

They are:

  • Help raise money to bring the boys from Mooseheart here for the summer. Tickets are 1 for $1.00 or 8 for $5.00 Top prize is a “42” Flat Screen TV”.
  • This raffle also helps support the boys from Mooseheart coming here for the summer. Tickets are 6 for $5.00.  Top prize is “Double occupancy Fall Convention Package”.
  • Third raffle is to win a “32” Flat screen for the District”. Tickets are 1 for $5.00 or 5 tickets $20.00.

Ceiling Tiles


Ceiling tiles are selling fast so don’t forget to get yours soon.  For $5.00, you can get your name or

slogan drawn on a tile and be eligible for $400 in prize money when they are all sold.  See one of the bartenders.


Lodge Website


A new website has been built and is being maintained by Samuel Chase.  It is a work in progress but go on and check it out at:  http://lodge443.moosepages.org

Way to go Sam, the Moose lodge sends it appreciation for all of your hard work


Blood Drive – Moose Lodge 443


The Moose Lodge will be sponsoring a blood drive on July 29th.  People will be needed to help with various duties that day.  Anyone interested in lending a hand, please contact Dan.


Not Feeling Well

Tilton Vet

Wes Philbrick



Phil Morrisette

Wilfred Legacy

Sherri Buzzell

Mary Dumais


Not Feeling Well - continued


Langdon Place

Mike Casey



Claire Otis

Anne Bowen


Bellamy Field

Joan Workman



Norma Chick


Please send get well wishers to the above

Getting a get well card helps lift the spirits




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